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The Habit HUB

Welcome to the Habit HUB!

You know your sleep position, work position, driving position and others are important to your health. But do you know what strategies to implement in these areas to support and protect your spine / nerve system and keep making health gains?

Use the content below to audit your habits. Why? Because your smallest behaviors compounded over time make the largest impact on your health, performance, and quality of life!

Sleeping Posture

Computer Posture

Of course sitting in and of itself is NOT a bad thing – we all need to rest after all. It’s sitting in excess (like 9am – 5pm, 5 days a week, 46 weeks per year) that causes the concern. Why? Because when you sit chronically, your body is disengaged and stagnant which not only causes physical weakness but “neurological dulling”.

What does this mean?

I’m sure you’re familiar with the saying, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.” right? For instance, if you break your arm and take the cast off after 8 weeks, your arm is noticeably smaller – the muscles have atrophied (withered) because they were not stressed or used.

This makes perfect sense as far as your muscle and bone strength but how does this affect your brain and nerve system?

Well, we all have tiny sensors located in our pelvis, spine, and feet that when stimulated, essentially super charge our brain allowing for “cognitive sharpening” so to speak. This stimulation allows for significantly greater communication between and within the hemispheres of your brain meaning you actually have the ability to think better on your feet, be more creative, productive, problem solve, etc. So, when you don’t stand, fidget, march in place or just move, you cognitively and neurologically atrophy as well.

You already know this however, just think… do you feel sharper and more energized after you get up from watching TV or exercising for an hour?

So, instead of asking “what is the best way to sit?”, let’s just agree that trying NOT TO SIT is the goal. We all get tired and you WILL sit, so that is a given, but what is the best way to stay up and engaged while working at a computer during your work week? See below for the answer…

Working from the Office

Working from Home

Standing Mat link: HERE

Driving Posture

TV / Entertainment Posture

Special Notes…

Don’t Cross Your Legs.

Avoid Crossing Your Legs At The Knees As This Torques Your Pelvis. If It’s Etiquette Your Looking For, Know That The Queen Of England Doesn’t Even Cross Her Legs!;)
Instead… It Is Much Better To Cross At Your Ankles… But If You Can, Try Not To At All;)

Don’t Fall Asleep on Couch.

If Playing an Instrument…

Be Conscious And Do Appropriate Exercises Afterward.

Texting Posture & Cell Use

Also, remember that your cell phone is essentially a mini radiation device constantly emitting radiation as it’s looking for signals. So, follow the tips below to protect yourself from passive radiation from your little “life companion”.

Lastly, if you have any questions, please either ask via email at or give me a head’s up at your next visit. Thanks for viewing and I hope this provided you some valuable insight!