6 Ways to Wake Up Sleepy Glutes

You’ve been sitting all day long and research (https://www.mayoclinic.org/healthy-lifestyle/adult-health/expert-answers/sitting/faq-20058005) tells us your waistline is going to pay dearly, but who knew the desk life would also turn off signals to our backsides? Here are 6 ways to wake up sleepy glutes. 

Gluteal amnesia or “dead butt syndrome” is a real thing and it happens when your glutes forget how to activate correctly. 

While gluteal amnesia may not cause symptoms early on, having a major muscle group like the glutes not working properly will have effects globally throughout your body as time passes. 

Some of these effects include: 

  • Lower back pain
  • Hip pain
  • Knee pain
  • Muscular imbalances 
  • Postural distortion 

The exciting news is that gluteal amnesia isn’t permanent if you’re willing to do the work! 

Glute Exercise #1 

Glute Bridge

This exercise is not only an easy move to begin with for nearly everyone, it also has the benefit of being one of the top exercises to activate the glutes.

Start with your body weight and progress to single leg bridges and for advanced trainees, progress to loaded barbell hip thrusts. 

Glute Exercise #2 

Clam Shell 

Start simple on this movement and focus first on “feeling” the glutes. Once you’ve mastered activating the correct area, add some resistance with a band. 

Glute Exercise #3

Bird Dog 

This “standard” exercise for lower back health can also help wake up the glutes. It’s simple and everyone can do it giving themselves 2x the benefit.

Glute Exercise #4 

Donkey Kicks 

 Start in a plank position and elevate one leg in a bent position. Try to reach the bottom of your foot to the ceiling. 

Hold, and lower down. Repeat with other leg. 

Glute Exercise #5 


About as primal and fundamental as it gets, no lower body development program should be without one or more variations of the squat. 

Start with developing a good, solid bodyweight version first and scale up the difficulty from there. 

With so many versions to choose from – goblet squat, split squat, back squat, front squat – you’ll never get bored of doing squats and getting the results you want. 

Glute Exercise #6


You might associate deadlifts with something only hardcore gym-goers should be doing but that’s just not true. 

At least not if you want to wake up your glutes and strengthen your hamstrings at the same time. 

Like squatting, there are many variations of the deadlift to keep you occupied but starting with a simple Bodyweight Romanian Deadlift will do the trick!

When it comes to excessive sitting, driving and a generally sedentary lifestyle, we’re starting to understand just how potentially devasting it can be to our health.

Putting our sleepy glutes into that category may seem laughable but gluteal amnesia is no joke. Solving the problem will not only will make you healthier but you’ll look and feel better too! 

Our Daily At-Home Movement Curriculum

How do you get the greatest benefits from your corrective care?

How do you take the structural and neurological changes that begin with your correction and keep those changes as long as possible?

What can you do to help create a newer, healthier, better functioning YOU?

Watch these four videos and practice them daily to get the greatest results for your investment!

Video 1: Daily Joint to Joint Movement

Video 2: Soft Tissue Stimulation

Video 3: Corrective Exercises (Part 1)

Video 4: Corrective Exercises (Part 2)

Simple Tips to Stay Healthy on Vacation!

I’m sitting here at my favorite espresso bar in the Athens Airport eager to get this blog written and out to you! 😉 I wanted to share some travel tips I’ve been stockpiling for some time hoping maybe one or two will really hit home with you and make your life / travel easier and healthier in the future!

So here’s the quandary…

In order to live a lifestyle that keeps you moving toward health and away from sickness your actions must not only be strategically calculated to build the health you want but they must also be consistent. You know where I’m headed with this because travel is ANYTHING but calculated and consistent. With astronomically long security and customs lines, last minute gate changes, flight connections from one gate to the next leading you through miles of underground tunnels, dozens of elevators and escalators, and then… more lines, no doubt traveling could be stressful but in the end, the experience you have hopefully FAR outweighs the stress or inconvenience of any of this.

So, how do you create calculated action and consistency when you venture off to see the world and your control seems limited? This is what I do… not right or wrong just what works for me! Hopefully you’ll find some value in this too!

What I prepare:

Eat By Design

Snacks: The trick is to plan ahead. Since your travel could take many, many hours, you are looking for foods/snacks that are healthy but stable. Some of my favorites are below.

  • Long trip snacks: Paleo Scones, Grass-fed beef jerky, my favorite snack bars, Paleopuffs (my newest obsession;), Ketocafe (if you start your day with Bulletproof coffee, this is a great instant alternative).
  • Short trip snacks: fresh fruit, fresh coconut meat, cut and tupperware-stored veggies, and all the above.
  • WARNING!!! DO NOT go to the airport without having recently eaten a proper healthy meal or without one in hand to eat at the gate or on the plane.

Move By Design

Clothes… Think space saving with the biggest impact.

Minimal soled sneakers: thin, flexible, perfect for exploring a city or going for a hike (if you’re into minimal sneakers) Nearly all major shoe makers have a line.

Athleisure-type clothes that double from hard-core workout appropriate to travel and exploring appropriate.

Exercise tube/band or jumprope: versatile and space saving

Apps: Love these two!

  • Kineticoach: Designs workouts for you and allows you to enter in your limitations: Goals, Intensity, Equipment on hand, Time limitations
  • Brainwave (35 Binaural Programs): Influences brain patterns to help initiate desired moods: ie: Focused and alert, Positive Mood Boost, Deep Relaxation (Some of my best work/relaxation comes when listening to these:)

My Air-Plane 7 (Stretches) (note: I tried taking pictures for you demonstrating these but they ended up looking a little, well… awkward (ie. me squatting outside the restroom door 😉 So alternatively… descriptions are below.

#1 Quad Stretches: While standing, pull your leg from behind and stretch your quad muscle (front of upper leg muscles) then, lean back and stretch your hip flexors.

#2 Deep Squat w/ Side-to-Side Sway: Squat as far down to the ground as possible with legs a little more than shoulder width apart. From here, sway side to side feeling stretch in groin and hip rotators (outside of hip).

#3 Neck Extensions: (Dr. Rob’s obsession;) Standing/Sitting, you name it, it’s all fair game. Shoulders back and neck in full extension.

#4 Shoulder Rolls: Sit forward in your seat and roll your shoulders forward and backward through full range of motion.

#5 Standing Marches: Find the back of the plane and make friends as you march away in your own one-person parade. Bonus points if you get someone to join you;)

#6 Lift and Tucks: In your seat, lift yourself off the seat by pressing against the arm rests. In this position, tuck your pelvis slightly in and out, rotate, and laterally flex your lower back.

#7 Heel/Toe Lifts: Circulation, Circulation, Circulation. Help your heart by pumping that blood back up!

General On-board Tips:

  • Roll Blanket/sweatshirt/hoodie behind your lower back vertically to help prop you forward. Like car seats, airplane seats are usually not designed for proper spinal support.

Think By Design

Travel Journal: Brainstorm before your trip: What do you want to get out of this experience? If you were to design your absolute perfect experience, what would it look like. Make a Checklist and start checking away! I use The Things app as my life-list checker-offer! Also the Wunderlist app is great and it’s free!

Hope this will help you in the not-so distant future!

Remember the most important part of traveling (vacation travel) is to reset physically and mentally!

Happy, Healthy Travels!

– Dr. Rob

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