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Your Health Started… HERE.

Your brain and nerve system was your VERY FIRST organ and system  formed in-utero, and as such, has served as the FOUNDATION in which ALL OTHER organs, glands, tissues, and organ systems were formed from that point forward.

Like branches off of a tree trunk, your spinal nerves streamed from your spinal cord and divided millions upon millions of times and ultimately, differentiating your cells and forming  your vital organs like fruit on a tree.  

This first life-giving system did not stop there… It continued to teach you as an infant about the world around you, gave your first words, and began training and strengthening your immune system.

As a toddler, it’s what coordinated your first steps, healed your skinned knee when you fell, and allowed you to take that box of crayons and make your first picture for mom and dad.

As a child, it taught you to ride your bike, say hello to that stranger in school that became your lifelong friend, and read your first book.

As a teenager, it allowed you to excel as an athlete, musician, or artist, it spiked that fever so you could burn out that cold virus, and gave you the butterflies in your stomach when you had your first kiss.

As a young adult, it told you he/she was the one you were going to marry, it made you run to the the toilet when you had too many drinks that night, got you through the sad times and laugh through the happy ones.

As an adult, it decides your passion and career path, it tells you you’re taking life too seriously and you need to have fun again, and it allows you together with your husband/wife to conceive a child.

As an older adult it teaches your immune system to stay strong, keeps you mentally sharp, active, coordinated, and independent.

In your elder years, it keeps memories so vivid that it allows you to laugh and cry when you think about your years past, pass on traditions and memories to those you love, and in the end, closes your eyes and allows life to leave your body. 

This is your nerve system. It teaches you, grows with you, keeps you strong, helps you cope, gives you laughter, connects you to others and the world around you, gives you love, gives you hope, fights for you, coordinates everything, and in the end, puts you to rest. 

If health is what you seek, start with caring for this old friend as your foundation because no other factor dictates your health like the one that preceded them all.