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Symptom Alleviation vs. Health Promotion… 2 Very Different Conversations Confused as the Same.

Do you ever wonder why it’s so darn hard to get and stay healthy… even now, in the 21st century?!

It seems like although trillions of dollars are spent in research annually, state-of-the-art institutions pop up yearly, technology and “wearables” have never been so available, this concept of “health” has never been so confusing and even eluding. 

Why is it that two very intelligent “health professionals” can argue over what it means to “be healthy” and hold completely different opinions on what it takes to get there? 

What they fail to acknowledge or even understand is that they are BOTH RIGHTthey are just having a different conversation from one another! They both are arguing FOR “health” but their  definitions of what “health” IS couldn’t be more polar. And… because they are both right, their path to achieve “their definition of health” is both logical and noble respectively.

So… what are the two definitions or camps of “health”? 

Now of course, both camps recognize that the opposite view does hold some credit, but they don’t view it as significant as their own main focus

Remember we are talking about Survival vs. Optimization here… two very polar concepts and, as a principal of life, where your focus and attention go, so goes your reality. 

People who focus on survival, look, act, speak, and do things differently than people who focus on optimization. Both parties may look at each other thinking the other is crazy, but they are not, they are just acting out the appropriate measures to what they believe will deliver them to their view of health

Most of us live somewhere in the middle paying homage to both which is totally ok. I encourage you, however, to look at these camps and what they stand for. Which do you identify with more? Whichever you choose, it’s ok, be sure your actions support your decision, DO NOT try to tell someone else they are wrong or slander them, and accept the outcomes of your decision… both good and bad.