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You’re Hardwired For Stress…Time To Cut Those Wires!

Your nerve system is brilliant and is masterful at conserving energy. In fact, it exercises neuroplasticity regularly meaning it will learn from the behavior (actions and mental states) that you spend the most time in and literally will hardwire itself to help you do those things and think those thoughts quicker and more effortlessly every time they occur. Now, this is incredible because not only does it mean that you can learn nearly anything, but you can teach yourself to waste very little energy  while doing it with regular practice.

Ok, brilliant! However, what this also means you can teach yourself to be hardwired for stress and launch your body into an all out fight or flight response with ease. Does this sound familiar to you or someone you know directly? Of course. You become hyper-sensitized and before you know it, you become a short-fuse and life becomes a series of one stressful event after another. My guess is you are not happy living here. YOU ARE NOT DOOMED, HOWEVER… because just as you taught yourself (subconsciously) to act and feel this way, you can (consciously) teach yourself to act the opposite and actually hardwire yourself for growth, healing, and repair instead of chronic stress, burnout, and decline. Sound good? Ok!

Below are 8 action steps to help you get started today…

Get Hardwired for Growth and Healing…

  • Get movin’ (>30 min of moderate / intense aerobic exercise daily + strength training for men)
  • Daily morning and evening prayer and/or meditation
  • Define your life values and be sure your actions and thoughts reflect these values
  • Do you find value and purpose to your job/career? If not, change it or you will always feel unfulfilled.
  • Eat fresh organic anti-inflammatory whole foods: colorful veg, pastured meat/eggs, wild fish, seasonal fruit, nuts, grass-fed butter, 🫒 🥑 🥥 oils. Inflammatory foods > cortisol production > stress physiology
  • Avoid pro-inflammatory toxic foods: Grain, sugar, dairy, conventional meat, (canola, vegetable, 🌽 , sunflower/safflower oils), conventional produce
  • Meet up with friends or make new positive/optimistic friends
  • Get outdoors for some vitamin (N)ature ☀️