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6 Reasons You Should Be Squatting Every Day for the Rest of Your Life!

  1. Squats are one of the most basic and quintessential movements for which the human body was designed
    • The simple tasks of sitting and getting up, using the restroom, tying your shoes, etc. recruit the same pattern and series of muscles used when squatting. So, it doesn’t take any imagination at all to say that the stronger your squat is, the more functional you are as a human being. The more attention you give to your quads, hamstrings, calves, abs, and other pelvic stabilizing muscles, the healthier, independent, and stronger you will be!
  2. Squats increase mobility
    • The more you sit and the less you squat (and the older you get), your pelvic and lower extremity muscles begin to get tighten and lose elasticity. Limiting your mobility, the longer they stay dormant the harder and the longer it will take them to “reawaken” and function normally again… like when you were 20… remember those days?!
  3. Squats strengthen your structural foundation
    • Although your nerve system controls your muscular system, one of the dominant functions of your muscular system is to stabilize your skeletal structure. The muscles that are recruited for the squat are the same exact muscles that you need to stabilize and have a healthy structural foundation within your pelvis for the rest of your life. This even includes preventing reoccurring subluxation (hint, hint, hint;)
  4. Squats increase 3 types of circulation within your body
    • Squatting is the catch-all for increasing circulation throughout the body; from blood circulation to lymph drainage, to cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) circulation. Why does this matter? The more movement your body experiences, or simply, the more animated you are, the healthier you are as a human being. For instance, which is a healthier ecosystem? A flowing (moving) river or a mucky (stagnant) backyard pool in the early spring? Movement and flow is everything!  
  5. Squats not only strengthen your legs but the rest of your body
    • Squatting not only increases lower body strength but dramatically increases the potential for total body strength as muscle building hormones (testosterone, growth hormones, and other anabolic “building” hormones are released acutely). Squatting is a compound movement that recruits 70% of our body’s muscle mass to perform the task. The squat simply makes you overall stronger!
  6. Squats burn fat
    • Although treadmills, elliptical, and spinning are some of the most popular ways to spend hours at the gym, it’s actually strength training that burns significantly more calories than these other cardio activities. Squatting (being one) not only burns a large number of calories while doing the exercise, but this and other strength training exercises have the added benefit of burning calories post-workout as well. Why? Because studies have concluded that by adding 1 more pound of muscle, your body will burn 50 more calories per day passively. So adding 10 more lbs of muscle will passively burn 500 more calories for you per day. 2 birds + 1 stone = effective and efficient!