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Turn OFF the Noise…

You may not know this, but before chiropractic, I (Dr. Rob) studied media and was bound  for journalism. What turned  me away? When you live in that world you understand the superficiality of what goes round. Instead of the Walter Cronkite days of reporting meaningful news events, news today is nearly 100% a “deliver what sells” industry in an economy that profits (HUGELY) off of your attention. 

Walter Cronkite

And because… in human physiology nothing retains attention like… FEAR and NEGATIVITY, these have become the nucleus of the majority of stories presented to us as “news” or “what’s important”. 

Marketers understand the physiology of the human body very well. FEAR, is far and away, THE MOST easily ignited emotion. After all, it’s the one that God/nature has given us to keep us alive. It feeds off our survival instinct which is forever sensitized to the world around us. 

This instinct lives in the area of our brain knows as our temporal lobe or “animal brain” which takes in visual / audio cues and unconsciously sets off a cascade of neurological and hormonal changes that is designed to keep us alive.  

And… by design… the more it is stimulated the more these changes become hardwired. We become chronically anxious, irritable, self-involved, rude, and animal-like in our behavior and see the world as a dangerous and disorderly place. 

In this state, your body becomes saturated in a hormone called cortisol. When cortisol is chronically present in your body, like a WWII bombing, it creates massive destruction throughout, accelerates aging and lays the foundation for chronic illness and early death.

What do I recommend? 

  • Disengage – Lose the fear of missing out on info that likely doesn’t effect you or anyone you know, does nothing to positively influence your life or mind but likely manipulates your physiology to steal your health and leaves you in a state of fear and uncertainty.
  • Reengage – In the things that make you a healthier, happier, purpose-filled person. 
  • Get outside. Nothing gets you more calm, collected, and refocused like being in nature, breathing fresh air, getting sun, and going for a walk / jog.
  • Connect with positive, uplifting people.
  • Do something fun and constructive: cooking, art, exercise, listen to calm music, or just go to bed earlier.