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Inflammation: What Is It?… What Foods Cause It?

Chronic inflammation is a global “body-wide” condition in which all of your cells are “frazzled, weak, and sick”. Essentially… think of all 47 trillion cells that make up YOU being compromised. Sounds like a bad situation to be in right? Well.…. it is because every chronic illness known to man requires a weak, compromised, and inflamed
environment to even exist! Ever wonder why two people could be in the same room and be exposed to the same virus or bacteria and one will walk away perfectly fine while the will “get sick”? It’s not bad luck or chance, it’s a compromised ecosystem within one of them.… and what’s the number one thing that causes a compromised ecosystem? INFLAMMATION.

The causes of chronic inflammation are simple and come down to 3 things:

  • Chronic Mental or Chemical Stress
  • Not Moving Enough (Sedentary Lifestyle)
  • An inflammatory Diet

What’s exciting is that although chronic inflammation can lead to disease and early death, changing your lifestyle in
these 3 domains can radically change your health outcome and ultimately your life… YOU ARE IN THE DRIVER’S

Resolving the first two (chronic mental/chemical stress & sedentary lifestyle) could require individual coaching while a clarification and a few simple dietary changes (BELOW would help you start resolving the third cause TODAY.