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How I Reset, Stay Healthy, and… Grow on Vacation… 11 Easy Tips!

Ever hear someone say… “I need a vacation after my last vacation?

There are many factors that would lead someone to feel exhausted after just having spent 5,7, or 10 days away somewhere that’s both beautiful and relaxing. Factors like having family where you are visiting would obligate you to shuffle from one visit to another, traveling with kids (enough said;), or a travel companion with a to-do list that would take you a month to complete… etc.

So, here are a few tips that I’ve tested, boiled down, and tested some more over the years to help you reset, stay healthy, and actually grow on your next vacation.

These simple tips will help you fulfill your body’s Movement, Fuel, and Thought requirements no matter what limitations you are presented with!


  • Rise Early and go for a Jog… Like killing 4 birds with 1 stone this simple strategy:
    • Gets you up early to begin exploring and orienting you to your surroundings
    • Allows you to fulfill your daily exercise requirement so it’s not hanging over your head for the rest of the day
    • Puts you in a positive, uplifting, accomplished mood before the day really begins
    • And… as a result keeps the rest of your decisions in check (ie. if your feeling great you probably won’t indulge in that daily ice cream, that 3rd or 4th cocktail, or that deep fried FILL IN THE BLANK that you can so easily talk yourself into “because your on vacation”;)

  • Walk Everyday…
    • Going for a long walk does not include strolling from one charming little boutique to the next;) Although taking it easy and relaxing/moving slow is important too, grabbing your travel companion or opting for a solo walk is a perfect way to reconnect with them or yourself, feel the calming peace of your environment, and both mentally and physically reset.
  • Take a Daily Nap
    • No. Don’t create an excuse… just lay down on your bed and close your eyes, stop thinking for a moment and enjoy this peace you’ve worked so hard for! I recommend planning your day’s activities into 2 parts: Early and Late day. You’ll be able to enjoy yourself more if you’re charged throughout the day instead of puttering in on fumes at day’s end. After all… that’s what you do back home!
  • Plan to Workout 3/4 of the Days you are Away… but don’t get made at yourself if you don’t. Remember, your job is to rest and not feel guilty about it.


  • Eat Protein / Good Fat with Every Meal
    • Remember, when you’re hungry, your body is calling out for high quality fuel to consume: choosing high quality protein or good fats will allow you to burn them off slowly (like long-lasting diesel fuel) and will give your body the macro and micro nutrients it requires to feel great and perform at its best!
    • Choosing simple sugars or simple carbs will deliver often little nutrition, cause you to gain weight, and keep you searching for more. Ever said to yourself, “I can’t believe I gained so much weight on vacation…
  • Daily Omega 3’s… (Fish Oil)
    • Even on vacation, inflammation is important to think about. Whether it’s that gelato, fried calamari, or whatever you indulged in, keeping on your Omega 3 (Fish Oil) regiment will help your body continue to perform at it’s best! Remember, a requirement is a requirement, whether you’re on vacation or not!
  • Turmeric: ***Golden Tip Here!
    • So, here’s the thing, my Polish skin will always burn a bit before my Italian tan comes out. I found that no matter how much I protect myself, this is the reality. So, I always take turmeric daily on vacation to help protect me from inflammation and the pain, discomfort, and damage of a sunburn!
  • When Dining…
    • Get outside your comfort zone. If traveling overseas, ask the server what they are known for, try local cuisine, enjoy your coffee whatever way the locals make it, try local wine/beer (in moderation;)… and remember your job is to relax and grow… this just so happens to be the tastiest way of doing it!


  • Plan Each Day
    • Be like a kid and plan activities that quench your curiosity, allow you to explore the world, push your boundaries, and create memories for a lifetime!
  • Be Intentionally Grateful
    • Before going to bed each day, write down 3 things you were grateful for that day in your journal or phone app (I like the 5 Minute Journal app)
    • Hint…You will review this on the flight home and keep it visible over the next few weeks after you return home from your trip. Why? Once you return home, it’s easy to fall back into an old negative or scarcity mindset. Leaving your daily gratitude list visible will be a constant reminder to audit what’s most important in your life.
  • Plan your Next Move(s) in Life!
    • Think about it. It’s difficult to construct the life you want when you’re under stress and just “getting through the week” back home. So, use this time outside your typical day-to-day life to design the life you want for yourself and strategize about how you will become the person you’d like to be.

Ultimately, design your days to feed this growth process and Move, Eat, Think, and Vacation with purpose!

Healthy Travels!

Dr. Rob