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6 Ways to Increase Your Immunity this Winter


Vitamin D

Vitamin D is the new Vitamin C! This isn’t the newest cover of Women’s Health magazine but rather a glaring realization within the health community that most people in the western hemisphere, and certainly those who live in the northern climates, are grossly deficient in Vitamin D. Vitamin D is not only one of the biggest players in your immune system’s performance, but is vital to 1000’s of other functions as well. By this definition, this hormone is an essential requirement for optimal health. How do we maintain optimal levels year round but especially during the winter months? Supplement. Daily. Ask Dr. Rob at your next visit for what quantities are appropriate for you and your family.

What we use: Innate Choice Vitamin D Sufficiency


Eliminate Grain, Sugar, and Alcohol

Please, no more hissssssing! Know that this “blasphemous” statement comes with reason. If we could leave emotion aside for one second, I’ll try my hardest to convince you. Grain products like bread, pasta, rice, etc.; sugar in all its forms; and even your favorite cocktail, all increase inflammation dramatically. So what?! Well, this keeps your cells in a constant state of stress which causes cell breakdown, disfunction, rapid aging, sickness, and death. Remember, you are entirely composed of cells, so think about what this means for you! Along with this, your immune system is hit hard; with its lowered resistance, your Holiday season now becomes cold and flu season!


What would you do if I gave you a 5 pound bag of bacteria? Run the other way?! What if I told you this bacteria not only kept you alive but healthy? You see, each of us requires approximately 3-5 pounds of good bacteria to cover us, inside and out, if we are to be healthy. As the majority of this bacteria live within our intestinal tract, the bacteria accounts for 85% of your body’s immune strength. Stress, poor diet choices (grain, alcohol, processed foods, etc.), and antibiotics are largely responsible for killing these bacteria on a daily basis which is why a good broad spectrum probiotic supplement is essential for you and your family. And unfortunately, while Greek yogurt, sauerkraut, and kombucha are tasty, they do not fulfill this requirement in the form and quantity you need!

What we use: Innate Choice Probiotic Sufficiency

Dr. Rob’s Fizzy Lifting Drink

No need to find the last golden ticket in a Wonka bar to try this Fizzy Lifting Drink. In fact, this drink has become a favorite among our Foundation community! A mixture of (2 Tbsp) organic apple cider vinegar and (1/4 tsp) baking soda is topped off with seltzer water. Apple cider vinegar holds unique antimicrobial and antiseptic properties and gives your body the raw materials (nutrients and vitamins) it needs to increase immune function. Baking soda increases your body’s ph, making your internal environment inhospitable to bacteria and viruses.

Get Spine and Nerve System Checked

It’s simple. Your brain and nerves control your immune system. In fact, the entire branch of medicine called, psychoneuroimmunology, is based on this single concept. Common reasoning would reveal that if your nervous system is not able to communicate to your body adequately, your immune system suffers a lot! Would you like to know how to boost you and your family’s immune cell production by over 400%? Get your nerve system checked regularly and adjusted when necessary!

Bone Broth

Let’s face it, mom was, or may even still be, the best healthcare provider you’ve ever had! Her comforting chicken soup on those days you stayed home from school now has a mountain of scientific evidence to support her instincts. Bone broth is now known to be a potent wonder-food that contains a plethora of minerals and vitamins and other compounds that support optimal cell and organ function needed for a healthy immune system.

Note: the homemade stuff is best, as commercial products will lack the same impact because of the shelf-life processing. For a simple bone broth recipe click here.

Have more questions? Register for our next workshop on January 26th, 2017, “The Fuel Project: a revolutionary look at food requirements and the human body”.