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Dr. Rob is a fantastic and knowledgeable practitioner of chiropractic. He is heavily involved in the community and takes the time to educate patients about the world of chiropractic. I would implore anyone who has any health issue to visit Allasso Chiropractic. My health has improved drastically since first visiting Allasso four months ago, including sleeping better, performing better athletically, and of course no more back pain.
- Mike

Dr. Rob is the first chiropractor I have had the pleasure of seeing. He has greatly improved the function of my neck and back. I am now able to get a good night sleep in over a year. He is very hands on and extremely personable. He has changed my perception of the chiropractic field and highly recommend him.
- Emily

I have always had lower back pain but it never crossed my mind to seek help from a chiropractor. I also suffered from migraines and neck pain. The terrible migraines, in which I once suffered, and never related to nerve irritation disappeared once I started receiving chiropractic help from Dr. Rob at Allasso Chiropractic. If you are suffering from back pain or headaches, the relief you get from seeking chiropractic help is life altering. I believe fully that the help Dr. Rob at Allasso Chiropractic can give a person is a life not just without pain, but with overall better health.
- Allison

I suffered from TMJ for years before I went to see Dr. Rob. After 4 or 5 visits my pain and discomfort disappeared. Dr. Rob's treatment was preferable to other more drastic means of dealing with my problems and it has produced a better outcome than I could ever imagine. I will be forever grateful for his care. I highly recommend Dr. Rob to anyone suffering from TMJ.
- Ann Marie

I was in pain for 7 months due to sciatica. The sad thing was that no one was able to help me and I had gone to see over three doctors prior to meeting Dr. Robert Mirandola at Allasso Chiropractic. After beginning treatment, Dr. Rob had me completely out of pain in less than 2 months. I am very grateful to Dr. Mirandola and I thank God for having met him as he was the only one who was able to help me out of my daunting pain.
- Margarita

Prior to chiropractic, I suffered severe low back pain. I always thought the problem was muscular but through chiropractic I found that it was skeletal. I'm adjusted on a consistent basis I have increased flexibility and greater health. Chiropractic has been a tremendous help for me. The care is excellent and I have recommended a few of my close friends to Dr. Rob Mirandola. I wanted to say how impressed I am with Allasso Chiropractic and Dr. Rob is always on time, very personable, and professional.
- Sandra

Dr. Rob is super! I spent so many years trying to get relief via traditional doctors, medicines, and expensive testing. I am now pain free, drug free, and feeling fantastic. And if I have a day when I do not feel so great Dr. Rob is right on the case. His passion for creating optimal health is contagious. I would recommend Allasso Chiropractic to anyone in the area looking to feel 100% again.
- Karen

Dr. Rob Mirandola is very passionate about the Chiropractic field. You can just tell when he talks with you, that he genuinely wants to help and make you feel yourself again. I recommend him to all those who have had been putting up with everyday pain. Having neck pain myself, seeing Dr. Rob not only has improved my neck function and decreased pain, but overall has improved my everyday quality of life and that is what a doctor should do.
- Emily

Dr. Rob is excellent on understanding the patient's health issue, educating the patient regarding the issue and how chiropractic helps, then correcting it. I would recommend any person to visit Allasso Chiropractic and they'll never go anywhere else!
- Mike


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